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Spiritual Trips


Mt. Shasta Summer 2023:
I will be going back to Mt. Shasta for a week in the early part of the summer, and again for another week at the end of the summer (exact dates to be determined). At Mt. Shasta, we always see lots of Sasquatch and many UFOs and always meet Adama and the people of Telos and the Hollow Earth. We have experienced a series of miracle healings since first going to Mt. Shasta in 2015/2016. For example, my eyesight was completely healed and restored to perfect 20/10 crystal clear eyesight in both of my eyes in September 2019 by Adama and the people of Telos. In August 2018, they also gave me a new heart. We usually meet Adama and the people of Telos on the Astral plane. The cost is just $250 per person, and it includes free camping. We will be camping at a new location close to Mt. Shasta.  For more information, please call/text Ted at (509) 750-9793 in the U.S. or email at You first have to be approved by the people of Telos and Adama (the high priest of Telos) as well as the Pleiadians through Ted, before you can come.  Must be of the highest spiritual vibrations and be positive – No negative entities and no drop ins will be allowed. If you are affiliated with a US or other 3 letter agency, or Simon Parkes, or the Deep State, or you come unannounced, you will be asked to leave. Also, there is absolutely no refund for any 3 letter or DS (Deep State) agents or those working or affiliated with Simon Parkes for C.C. (Connecting Consciousness), because of the dangers and problems involved.  Drugs or alcohol are strictly prohibited. Cancellation policy: For others, full refund (minus $100 processing/cancellation fee) if cancelled in at least 30 days or more of the trip.  No refund if cancelled within 30 days of the trip.  There is no refund if you come on the trip.

Machu Picchu, Peru & Lake Titicaca:  Spring 2024:
Hello Friends! I am taking a group of people to Peru to visit these magical spiritual places, and I hope you can come along! Among many other places, we will be visiting stargates to Agartha and the Hollow Earth and the hybrid ET/Human skull museum at Paracas on the Pacific Ocean, as well as the Nazca lines where many believe UFOs landed many years ago. The cost will be $497 per person, and it includes readings and meetings with Inca Shamen and guided tours to come of the world’s most fascinating and amazing spiritual places! Must also be approved by Adama and the people of Telos and the Pleadians to come through Ted. Cancellation policy:  No Deep State or three letter agents will be allowed on the trip.  If you are a DS or three letter agent or affiliated with Simon Parkes or C.C., you will be asked to leave and there will be no refunds.  For others, a full refund (minus $100 cancellation fee) if canceled in at least 30 days or more of the trip; no refund within 30 days. Peru if one of the world’s most amazing and special spiritual places, and I hope you can come on this wonderful spiritual trip! To register, please email Ted at or call/text him at: (509) 750 9793.


Payments for services or goods listed above are in U.S. Dollars. If you prefer, instead of Paypal, Venmo, or credit card, you can send payment to me at Ted Mahr, 1401 Marvin Road, N.E., Suite 307-231, Lacey, Washington 98516. If you do so, please select "Manual Payment" as the payment option during checkout.

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With lots of love and light,

For a planet that’s happy and bright! 
Ted, Host Out of this World Radio & RV

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Sedona Spiritual Sites & the Grand Canyon 2014: During the fall of 2024, I will be taking a small group of people to Sedona, Arizona for an amazing spiritual experience! In past trips, we have gone into energy vortexes and time traveled. There are all kinds of vortexes and sacred places around Sedona, as well as some of the beautiful scenery in North America. We also usually visit the beautiful and spiritual Hopi Indians. Sedona is also very close to the Grand Canyon, which is probably one of the world’s most beautiful places! I hope you can all come on this wonderful trip! Cost is $250 per person. To register, or for more information, please contact Ted at:  Same cancellation policies from Mt. Shasta and Peru trips apply to Sedona trip.

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